About Me

Hi there. Welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a writer, an introvert, a wife, a mother to the Most Delightful Little Monster (MDLM), a yoga teacher, a lawyer, a woman who laughs at herself often and with gusto, and, forever, a bookworm.  I am a klutz (with a metal plate to prove it), a marathoner, and a disastrous cook (but I am phenomenal at eating…).

I love writing. Fiction. Non-fiction. Notes I never send.
I love creating a combination of words on the page and having those words connect with someone else – be it a feeling, a revelation, a laugh, or a simple, “heck, yeah.”

I believe in stories.  I believe that stories are how we feel; they’re how we navigate grief, discover the heights of joy, and learn the depth of real connection.

I believe in traveling. I believe that travel lets us learn about people, and realize how much we have in common. I love imagining the stories of people I see in airports, immersing myself in another environment, and learning how other people live.

I believe, despite what Instagram shows us, that we don’t have to be 20, single, and sitting on a beach in Bali to find ourselves (although, I suppose it couldn’t hurt).  We can find clarity and purpose while working at a demanding job, taking care of our family, and staring at thousand things on our to-do list.

I love nesting in our really (really) old house, too.  It’s a labor of love and foolishness, but our home has become a member of our family.   

I am not, and do not want to be, perfect.
Perfection, if achieved, is dull.

I revel in the wrong, in the broken and chipped and sharp edges of our souls.  That’s where the beauty lies.  

I routinely bite off more than I can chew.  I can do anything, but I have to remind myself not to do everything.  Not all at once, anyway.    

My life is curated chaos, but I have chosen it, and I love it fiercely.  

I am going to keep examining, intuiting, and contemplating how to live this
one wild and precious life.  

Thank you for joining me on the journey.

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