The Stagnant Season

Feet buried in the sand

This photo represents my last few months.  I’ve had a lot of happiness, but have I gotten anywhere? Hell, no. I’ve been still. This isn’t where I talk about taking an intentional, joyous pause to regroup and energize. Nope. This is where I talk about forces out of my control weighing me down. I’ve felt heavy, stuck. Stagnant. Frustrated. It’s taken far more effort to move than it should. Every time I do move forward? I get buried again. I could list all of the things that have derailed my plans over the last eight (10? 12?) weeks. They seemed monumental at the time, but, luckily, in retrospect, nothing was huge or permanently life-altering. There’s not one thing or one person I can blame. Just a dozen little things that hit me, surprised me, threw me off my game, woke me up in the middle of the night and kept me awake. The result is that I’ve been playing catch up. I’ve had to reschedule meetings, only to reschedule them again (or cancel…). I’ve been forced to disappoint people. I’ve had to make smaller promises to myself. I’ve let this blog be dormant. I’ve watched other deadlines come and go. I’ve been moving myContinue Reading