Reaching Your Goals with Intention – The 90 Day Plan

90 Day Plan

Do you have big goals or dreams for 2019?  Goals that may take multiple steps and many months to work toward?  Let’s try to intentionally plan the next 90 days so that we can reach those goals and still focus on the things that we love most.   I have a lot of big goals for 2019.  But trying to move those goals forward right now and come up with a timeline can be daunting. It’s hard to predict how long some steps will take.  Plus, if I try to plan everything out until 2020, I won’t be able to adjust as easily if (when!) the unexpected happens.  It’s easy to get off track, get discouraged, and give up altogether.   So instead of planning my projects and calendars for the whole year, I’m looking at the next 90 days.   I’m keeping my 2019 goals in mind, and using those to work backward, but focusing on the short term.  Taking a big project and breaking it down isn’t rocket science.  But looking at what can be accomplished in the next 90 days, and making challenging, but realistic, deadlines within that timeframe? Well, that’s a new way of looking atContinue Reading

Feet buried in the sand

The Stagnant Season

This photo represents my last few months.  I’ve had a lot of happiness, but have I gotten anywhere? Hell, no. I’ve been still. This isn’t where I talk about taking an intentional, joyous pause to regroup and energize. Nope. This is where I talk about…
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