If I can meditate, so can you.

If I can meditate, so can you

If you’re really good at sitting still and focusing on one thing at a time, maybe you don’t need to meditate. If you’re patient and kind, even when someone cuts you off intentionally, maybe meditation won’t help you. If you are never snarky or say something you don’t mean, even when you’re hungry or tired, maybe meditation won’t make a difference in your life. I need to meditate. When meditation came up during a lunch with my friends the other day, the response was positive and wistful. “They say you should do that.” “I always mean to start a meditation practice.” “I’ve done it before, but I never have time.” “I tried it once.” I’ve said all of these things before, too. Historically, I would start a meditation practice every New Year, and each time it came up as a topic in a yoga class. I would begin those 10, 21, or 30-day meditation challenges that you see on social media. Sometimes I finished them. Sometimes I started them and then forgot about them until I received an email reading “Congratulations! You’ve reached the last week of the meditation challenge!” Whoops. When I meditated, I enjoyed it. Just kidding. IContinue Reading